SCOE 10X Guarantee is Absolute. 100% Customer Satisfaction.

scoe 10x guarantee

100% Odor Elimination Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

SCOE 10X guarantee is absolute on orders less than ½ gallon of the solution. If you have any questions, please contact customer service to clarify and discuss SCOE 10X usage.
SCOE 10X was developed specifically for BioFOG Inc’s Service Division technicians to professionally apply in homes and businesses in the greater Atlanta area.
After seeing how successful it was in odor removal and the change it caused in the lives of clients, we knew that this product was special and life changing, that is when we decided it needed to be available to everyone. We believe in our product so much we promise 100% odor elimination or your money back!

“We believe in our product so much that if it doesn’t work for you then you get your money back”.

If SCOE 10X fails to meet or exceed your expectations (when used as directed as found on the Instructions page of this website), please contact customer service for a return authorization code.  Please return all items purchased to the BioFog, Inc. address found on your sales receipt (all bottles, including empties, spray bottles and any accessories).  Upon receipt of the item(s), we will promptly refund the full purchase price including original standard shipping charges.

SCOE 10X always works when the "Five Principles of SCOE 10X Success" are adhered to.

Please read and follow the detailed instructions found on the Instructions page.  These instructions are written from our Service Divisions' experience and use and from customer suggestions.  BioFog, Inc. is the only odor elimination company to manufacture and use it's own product. Remember, we developed SCOE 10X for our own use first, before we started selling to the consumer.

Mixing SCOE 10X in a used container voids our guarantee. Residual chemicals from other products found in used containers have been known to lower or destroy SCOE 10X's effectiveness.

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