SCOE 10X Use Instructions to Successfully Use SCOE 10X

SCOE 10X Use Instructions

SCOE 10X is a stunningly effective odor eliminator when used as directed.  SCOE 10X is an on-contact odor eliminator that will permanently eliminate cat, dog, or any animal excretion odor, smoke odor, fuel odor and most every organic odor.

SCOE 10X was developed for BioFOG, Inc.'s Service Division technicians to professionally apply in homes and businesses in the greater Atlanta area.  We use SCOE 10X successfully on a daily basis and have extensive knowledge and experience in the effective use of SCOE 10X.

SCOE 10X will never fail when the following principles are adhered to:

1. SCOE 10X must be diluted with lukewarm (neutral to the skin, not warm or cold) water to work.  Over dilution or under dilution of SCOE 10X will lower the effectiveness of SCOE 10X.  1 part SCOE 10X to 9 parts water is the normal dilution ratio.  1 part SCOE 10X to 8 parts water is the strongest dilution allowed and best for all types of urine.  After dilution, wait at least 20 minutes before using SCOE 10X for ingredient activation to occur.  Before or after dilution, SCOE 10X has a 2 year shelf-life.

2. SCOE 10X must make contact with all odor residue for a long enough period of time to permanently destroy it.  If any odor is present during the treatment process, then SCOE 10X either has not made contact with all the odor residue or not enough time has passed to allow SCOE 10X to completely destroy the odor residue.  Saturation or immersion is always preferred.  Rule of thumb: wetter is better.

3. On an odor residue which has dried (especially urine), SCOE 10X may need more than 20 minutes to fully destroy the residue.  When urine dries, a hard shell forms around the urea crystal, hence the need for more time to break the crystal down.

4. As long as SCOE 10X is moist, it will continue to destroy odor residue.  Always use enough SCOE 10X so that the surface being treated will remain moist for at least 20 minutes.  An example is carpet with old dried cat urine stains.

5. Other products used to treat odor prior to treating with SCOE 10X may interfere with SCOE 10X's effectiveness.  We recommend rinsing and extracting with plain hot water to remove any other products residue prior to using SCOE 10X. Then allow to dry completely before applying SCOE 10X.  Mixing SCOE 10X in a container that has contained other chemicals voids our guarantee.

Due to repeated requests for more instructions for a wide variety of odor problems, we have compiled instructions addressing each problem in detail for the following problems.  If you have a specific problem that is not listed here, please contact us. We will make every attempt to continue updating instruction as requested.

The following links will take you to a detailed instruction page with application rates for most problems:

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