How to Remove or Eliminate Urine on Hard Floors Using SCOE 10X

Urine on Hard Floors

We recommend having the following three items on hand to treat urine on hard floors:

1. Adequate amount of SCOE 10X (estimate 1-gallon SCOE 10X RTU for every 100 SF floor).

2. A good blacklight to help you locate the urine (urine glows pale yellow under blacklight).

3. In severe cases, plastic sheeting cover the floor to keep SCOE 10X wet.

The first two items listed above are sold here on our website.

SCOE 10X must make contact with all urine residue to permanently destroy it. Wherever the urine traveled is where SCOE 10X must travel. 

NOTE: If the urine has penetrated a wood floor further than 1/4 inch, then it is more economical to replace that particular piece of the floor than to treat it. We check the depth of urine penetration by drilling a small hole in the wood floor and using our LED blacklight to check urine depth. 

On urine residue which has dried, SCOE 10X will need at least 20 minutes per deposited layer to fully destroy the urine residue.  When urine dries, a hard shell forms around the urea crystal, hence the need for more time to break the crystal down.

As long as SCOE 10X remains wet, it will continue to destroy urine residue. Cover SCOE 10X with plastic, if necessary, to keep it from evaporating and drying.  When SCOE 10X dries, it stops working. Don't let SCOE 10X dry until you can put your nose to the treated surface and not smell urine odor.

Spray the floors where the urine was deposited with SCOE 10X. Use a pump-up garden type sprayer, high-pressure sprayer or pouring.  Wait at least 20 minutes to determine whether all of the urine residue has been destroyed.  Wipe or let air dry.

If, after 20 minutes, urine odor is still present, either SCOE 10X has not had sufficient time to work or not enough has been applied to make contact with all of the urine residue deposited.

NOTE: If paint or sealer has been applied to a concrete or wood floor over urine residue deposits, the paint or sealer will need to be removed before treatment with SCOE 10X. Please read the page "Why Sealing or Painting Will Not Stop Odor".

Rule of thumb for SCOE 10X application rate: for every part of urine deposited over time, an equal part SCOE 10X will need to be applied to that location.  For heavy urine deposits, estimate at least 1 gallon of diluted SCOE 10X for every 100 SF of the floor.