How to Remove or Eliminate Urine/Feces Outdoors Using SCOE 10X

Urine/Feces Outdoors

SCOE 10X is safe to use indoors and outdoors.  Dog runs, kennels, lawns and shrubs where animals have urinated are quickly eliminated of odor by using SCOE 10X.

The easiest method of the SCOE 10X application is to use a pump-up type garden sprayer found at local home centers.

Mix SCOE 10X into the sprayer. Spray the contaminated areas with SCOE 10X. It is best to treat when the heat of the day is at its lowest and not in the direct sun. SCOE 10X continues to work as long as it is wet. Keeping it from evaporating or drying will prolong its working life.

Application amounts will always depend on the severity of the problem. Initial treatments will be at the rate of 50-100 s.f. per gallon of diluted SCOE 10X. Subsequent treatments will be dependent on amounts of re-deposits.

Rule of thumb for SCOE 10X application rate: for every part of urine deposited over time, an equal part SCOE 10X will need to be applied to that location.