Quickly Eliminate Skunk Odor by Using SCOE 10X

Skunk Odor Treatment

Eliminating skunk odor from a house, pet or clothes is a relatively easy and quick process. SCOE 10X is the only product on the market that safely and quickly eliminates skunk odor permanently.

Normally, skunk odor will be eliminated in less than 60 seconds. The key to success is making sure SCOE 10X has made contact and destroyed all of the skunk oil.

Any area where the skunk has sprayed directly will need to be saturated with SCOE 10X.


High-pressure spray is the only application method we recommend for residual skunk odor for house interiors.

Airless paint spraying machines are the best choice for the high-pressure application. (airless paint sprayers can be rented at most tool rental centers) The long hose gives much greater freedom to move from room to room while the high pressure produces a very small droplet that has better coverage and penetration. 413 or 513 spray tips are the recommended spray tips.

Application (dose) rates are estimated at 8,000 cubic feet of room area per gallon of diluted SCOE 10X.

Spray all surfaces (ceilings, walls, floors, etc.) where the skunk odor has settled. A light misting is usually enough.

For common sense personal safety, always wear a minimum of a paper mask and goggles or a full-face respirator when high pressure spraying SCOE 10X.


SCOE 10X is safe to spray or pour directly onto your pet after dilution, using the 8:1(8 parts lukewarm water to 1 part SCOE 10X. Use SCOE 10X like a shampoo. Keep SCOE 10X out of the pet's eyes: the surfactants in SCOE 10X will strip the natural oil from the pet's eyes.

Work SCOE 10X into the pet's coat to ensure SCOE 10X makes contact with the skunk oil. You will be able to immediately tell whether you have destroyed all of the skunk oil by smelling the fur.

After the skunk odor has been eliminated, rinse the pet with water.


Clothes that have minimal skunk odor can be treated with a light misting of SCOE 10X.

Clothes with heavy deposits of skunk spray will need to be soaked in a container of SCOE 10X and then wash as normal.