Sealing or Painting Does NOT Stop Odor. Use SCOE 10X to Remove Odor

Why Sealing or Painting Does NOT Stop Odor

Sealing or painting a surface to stop odor may seem like a good idea. There is even a very large coating company, in particular, promoting the idea. However, sealing or painting over odor is a really bad idea and just will not work.

Once the science of odor is understood, sealing or painting a surface to stop odor is just plain physically impossible.

This has to do with the size of the molecule your nose detects as odor and how paints and sealers dry.

The odor molecule is a gas molecule produced by odor-causing bacteria eating urine residue deposits. Its size is in the 2-5 micron size range. A very small particle.

However, when a coating such as a sealer or paint is applied, the solvent in the coating, (water or oil-based liquid) needs to evaporate for the coating to dry. The evaporation process leaves very small holes in the coating; usually in the 25-45 micron size range. This also is a very small hole (cannot be seen by the naked eye) but compared to the 2-5 size micron odor molecule, it is indeed, a large hole.

Consequently, when the odor-causing bacteria (eating the urine residue under the coating) release the odor molecule, it finds their way through the holes in the coating to your nose.

And thereby notifying you, you just wasted your time and money coating a floor or wall.

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