Eliminate and Remove Odor in Clothes with SCOE 10X

Odor in Clothes

WASHABLE CLOTHES (Hand or Machine)

SCOE 10X not only can eliminate body, perspiration, urine, feces and any other biological odor from clothes, but also will eliminate most stains.

SCOE 10X is safe to use on any colorfast material including wool and leather.

SCOE 10X is to be used as a pre-treatment before washing.


SCOE 10X can be re-used, so we recommend mixing 32 oz of SCOE 10X (making 2.5 gallons) into a five-gallon bucket that has an airtight sealable lid.

Soak each piece of clothes in SCOE 10X for 20 minutes, wring solution back into the bucket, repeat until all pieces are treated and then wash in warm water as usual.

SCOE 10X has a life of 2 years after dilution if kept in an airtight container.