Eliminate and Remove Gasoline or Fuel Oil Odor with SCOE 10X

Gasoline or Fuel Oil Odor

First, have an adequate amount of SCOE 10X on hand.  SCOE 10X is sold here on our website.

Pour SCOE 10X onto the spill area to thoroughly saturate. Agitate. Keep the area saturated for as long as necessary or until you can put your nose to the surface and not smell gasoline or fuel oil odor.  Then rinse with hot water while extracting using a wet vac or the like. Mist SCOE 10X onto interior surfaces to eliminate residual airborne odor.

Please contact us if you have more questions or need help using SCOE 10X.

Rule of thumb for SCOE 10X application rate: for every part liquid spilled, at least an equal part SCOE 10X will be needed to be applied to that location.